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Photos from the field
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    DC-8 (LASE):

Front Tail Inside

Mission control

LASE Lidar

View of W. OK

    DLR Falcon:

Side view in hangar

    NASA Proteus:

Side view with cover off

Rear view

    Naval Research Laboratory P-3 (Leandre):

Being serviced

Taking off

    University of Wyoming King Air:

On the way out

Inside the cockpit with touchscreen display (right)


Typical morning pilot briefing

Never-ending last minute flight planning... (Gerhardt Ehret from DLR Falcon pictured in center right)

Left to Right: Dave Parsons, Brigitte Baeuerle, Aditi Kapoor (all from NCAR) at the NRL P-3 office

Ed Browell (left) and Syed Ismail (right) of NASA Langley's LASE team plan the DC-8 route


Peggy LeMone (NCAR)

Bob Grossman (CoRA) (left) and Mike Hardesty (NOAA ETL) (right) U. Wyoming King Air team from left to right: Wayne Sand (pilot), Don Cooksey (pilot) and Glenn Gordon (scientist/technician)  


Sunset at the NWA Analysis Center, Norman, OK

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